Bones and Balance

As we grow older exercise is very important to maintain a healthy body, particularly to prevent osteoporosis and poor balance.  Bones and Balance classes at Junction Road Physiotherapy focus on weight-bearing exercises to assist in maintaining bone density as well as balance exercises which help to prevent falls.

Our classes are small group classes which use Pilates machines (reformers), fit balls, balance beams, weights and mats. Our classes cater for anyone with osteoporosis/bone density loss, arthritis, recurrent falls and balance problems. The classes are run by our Physiotherapist Saba who has a passion and experience in aged care physiotherapy. She will make you feel safe, comfortable and confident in the class, while teaching you strategies to feel empowered and have more control over preventing falls.

Numerous studies show the benefits of weight bearing strength exercises on increasing and maintaining bone density and improving balance. Unfortunately as we age, our risks of falling and therefore fractures increase and this is higher in those patients who have low bone density.  The focus of our classes is balance, general strength, fall prevention, flexibility and coordination.

An initial pre-assessment with one of our Physiotherapists is required to assess your suitability for these classes.  Please contact reception on 3857 4810 to book your pre-assessment. Bones and Balance classes run for 30 minutes. See our timetable for details on class times.  These classes may also be claimable through your private health fund.


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