Clinical Pilates

Learn to use your body to its full potential – reawaken dormant muscles and build and enhance your core strength – through Clinical Pilates!

Pilates is a great form of exercise designed to develop a leaner, stronger and more flexible body – providing you with the foundations for pain and injury-free movement.  Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, the Pilates exercise method is a great way to tone up, improve posture and eliminate persistent aches and pains.  This method of fitness and strength building teaches you greater awareness of your posture and how your body moves, enabling you to incorporate the discipline throughout your daily life, giving you boosted strength, stability and activity levels.

Why Clinical Pilates instead of gym Pilates?

At Junction Road Physiotherapy, our Clinical Pilates sessions are run by our pilates-trained physiotherapists and can be undertaken as part of injury rehabilitation or pain reduction, or just as an adjunct to an active lifestyle. Our physiotherapists ensure that you are doing the appropriate exercises suitable to your abilities and problem areas. We ensure that your technique is always correct to help maximise your rehabilitation and goals.

We have a designated pilates studio that has space for floor exercises and floor classes as well as six pilates reformers (equipment used in pilates) available for use.  Our Clinical Pilates sessions are offered in a small hands-on class environment; as a one-to-one consultation; or in a do-it-yourself supervised exercises session.

Pilates classes at Junction Road Physiotherapy are very popular and in great demand.  Please view our timetable and contact our friendly staff to arrange your pre-assessment and be wait-listed for the next available class.

For information on claiming your sessions on Private Health Insurance please click our link here on Claiming your sessions on Private Health Insurance

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