Clinical Pilates

Learn to use your body to its full potential – reawaken dormant muscles and build and enhance your core strength – through Physio-led Clinical Pilates!

We have a designated Pilates studio that has space for floor exercises and floor classes as well as six Pilates reformers and a Trapeze available for use.  Our Clinical Pilates sessions are offered in a small hands-on class environment; as a one-to-one consultation; or in a supervised session with an individualised program.

Why Clinical Pilates instead of ‘gym’ Pilates?

Our Clinical Pilates is physiotherapy-led and individualised to each person based on their injuries, goals as well as fitness.  Both our individual and group sessions are not like other group fitness classes where ‘one exercises fits all’.  Our specific exercises are designed to rehabilitate your body to move and feel better with good strength and flexibility.

Why do I need an initial assessment? 

An initial appointment is required for a full assessment with a physiotherapist.  This will include discussing your injuries, history, current fitness and goals as well as a real-time ultrasound assessment of your ‘core’ abdominal muscles and general flexibility and strength.  Based on this, your physiotherapist will plan out the ideal exercise therapy plan for you until you are ready for a physio-led Clinical Pilates class.  It is also a requirement of health funds if you intend to claim your classes under group physiotherapy sessions.

Pilates classes at Junction Road Physiotherapy are very popular and in great demand.  Please view our timetable and contact our friendly staff to arrange your pre-assessment and be wait-listed for the next available class.

For information on claiming your sessions on Private Health Insurance please click our link here on Claiming your sessions on Private Health Insurance

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