Virtual Classes Have Started

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We are now offering a range of classes that you can undertake from the comfort of your own home.

 Matwork classes:

Most people don’t have a reformer at home so these classes are designed to continue the work you have been doing in the Pilates studio. The only item you need to get started is a mat or towel and a firm surface where you can lie down.  Please view our currently timetable of classes here. 

Make your own class:

With everybody spending more time at home, this might be a great way to keep your children busy and have the whole family being active together. Or it might be a way to keep in touch with your friends and stay strong and toned at the same time. You can make your own class with friends or family or both. Our physiotherapist will be able to tailor the sessions to suit everybody’s needs. 

Stretch classes:

Working from home, especially if that entails long periods in front of a computer, may cause muscle tightness and poor posture. If this is combined with not being able to do your regular sport or gym work-out, you might start to notice a negative effect on your general well-being. Our virtual stretch classes can help and you only need half an hour to start feeling better.

Mums and Bubs classes:

These classes are a great way to get your body back into shape after the birth of your baby. And your baby gets to join in the fun. Our physiotherapists have expert knowledge in women’s health issues and post-natal exercise progression so they can answer any questions you  might have. It’s also a great way to stay connected to other mums.   

Bones and Balance classes:

These classes are perfect for older people who are at risk of falls or just want to stay as strong and balanced as possible. Tailored to your individual abilities and needs, you can continue to exercise at the perfect level whilst protecting yourself from social exposure.


To get started in any of our virtual classes, all you need is an exercise mat and a digital device, such as a laptop, smartphone or ipad. As long as your device has a camera and you can access the internet, you can join our classes. We will provide you with detailed information on how to access the class when your booking is confirmed.

Our physiotherapists may use some basic exercise equipment during the classes eg hand weights or stretch bands. If you don’t have these items, that’s fine – the physiotherapist will provide suggestions about household items that can be used or alternative exercises. 

Exercise packs are available to purchase and have delivered from Junction Road Physiotherapy. For full details and pricing for these packs, please contact reception.

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