Return to Work and Pre-Employment Assessments


At Junction Road Physiotherapy we can provide job specific functional assessments. The helps to determine when clients are ready to return to work following injury or can also be used as a pre-employment assessment tool to determine if the client is suitable for a specific role.  Our Physiotherapist Mark Fyffe has done specific training to allow him to complete the assessments with accuracy and specificity.
Recent studies have shown an early return to work maximizes outcomes and reduces the cost of work related injuries.  These functional assessments are designed to find suitable and meaningful duties for the employee and highlight any red or yellow flag issues that may be hindering the return to work process by quickly visualising worker progress and task matches.
The assessments include:
  • - full musculo-skeletal check
  • - aerobic fitness check
  • - postural and dynamic tolerances and
  • - manual handling ability
Before the client completes the assessment we will contact the current or future employer to get a full detailed report of the functional demands required from the client in order to tailor the manual handling section of the assessment.  A detailed report will be supplied to the employer only with any ongoing recommendations that the client may benefit from.
If you have any queries regarding the functional assessments please contact us for further information


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