At Junction Road Physiotherapy, we know it’s important to consider that every individual’s pain or injury is different and that each case requires unique treatment to ensure full and timely rehabilitation.

Apart from our general physiotherapy service, Junction Road Physiotherapy provides a number of different services including:

Our talented and diversely skilled physiotherapists are committed to understanding each of our client’s specific problems so you can expect a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program to relieve your symptoms and minimise the frustration and inconvenience of injury or pain to get you back to the things you enjoy in life as quickly as possible.

Our staff are focused on helping you attain optimum health and fitness through quality care – at every stage.  The services we offer complement each other, build your strength, minimise your recovery time and help prevent re-injury.

At Junction Road Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to providing you with the best and most up-to-date physiotherapy assessment and diagnosis techniques to develop the best treatment and management plan for each individual patient.

With a cohesive team of physiotherapists who boast extensive clinical experience, we will provide you with a treatment approach to keep you active, healthy and enjoying life!

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