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Forcedecks at Junction Road Physio

Are you an athlete or active person returning from injury or building strength for your next goal? Vald’s Forcedecks are the option for you.

Ever wondered how high you can jump? Or the difference in strength from left to right. Forcedecks are super simple to set-up and can give us a quick and easy solution to assessing you’re stability, strength and movement.

They are the world’s fastest, easiest and most powerful dual plate system for analysing neuromuscular strength and imbalance and JRP are lucky enough to have a set.

We test/monitor teams and individuals as needed, with full downloadable stats from the session. It is a great solution for rehabilitation or if you want to see if your specific training program is getting you closer to your goals. We can analyse and modify as needed, based on what is presented in front of us.

If you’re a coach or individual, get in touch and we can give you more information.