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Goal Setting 

With the new year just started, many of us are looking at setting new goals/ new years resolutions. Here at Junction Road Physio we love a good goal, however when goals are not properly formulated they can often go wrong. Here are our favourite tips to make your next goal great using the S.M.A.R.T framework! 

1. Specific 

  • Ensuring your goal is clear and specific so it can be achieved. 
  • Eg. I want to run more —> I want to run 5km within 30 minutes 

2. Measurable 

  • Allowing your goal to be measurable 
  • Eg. Tracking your running progress using a stopwatch/ smart watch 

3. Attainable 

  • Making sure YOU can achieve the goal. Reflect on where you are and where you want to go.
  • If you have a very large goal, we suggest breaking it into smaller, more manageable targets. 
  • Eg. If you want to run a marathon, but currently don’t run, try aiming for 5km first! 

4. Relevant 

  • Ensuring your goals align with your long term goals and aspirations 
  • Eg. Do you really want to run 5km, or are you just doing it because your friends are?

5. Timeframe 

  • Set a time for the goal to be completed 
  • Eg. Achieve this goal within 3 months

After reflecting on the S.M.A.R.T framework and formulating your goal, it should look something like this: 

I want to run 5km within 30 minutes and will use my smart watch to track my progress each run. I can currently run 2km and believe I can achieve this goal within 2 months. I’ve always wanted to run more to keep up with my kids so this goal is something I really want. 

Set yourself up for success by making your next goal a SMART goal!