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Claiming Group Sessions on Private Health Insurance

This is a general guide based on current information regarding health fund claims. Each health fund has different levels of cover and different fund rules that govern privately delivered services. If you have any doubts about claiming on your private health insurance, please contact your health fund directly. Ask them about claiming “Group Physiotherapy Consultations”. We are unable to provide details on the rebate amount you may receive under your cover.

Junction Road Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation services under the guidance of the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) Physiotherapy service descriptors. These service descriptors are agreed to and used by most health funds to differentiate between services and rebate amounts.

Our classes can be classified as Group Physiotherapy consultations (code 560) as they meet the following criteria:

  • A pre-intervention assessment is conducted with a Physiotherapist (your initial assessment)
  • The class program is tailored to individual needs
  • Clinical record keeping is maintained (our staff record notes at each session)
  • The session is take by a Physiotherapist
  • A re-assessment occurs regularly based on the physiotherapist’s clinical judgement

If you purchase a multi-visit pass you must wait until you have used the sessions before claiming – you cannot claim the rebate before you receive the service.

Our administration team will provide you with a receipt after each session which you can use to claim with your private health insurer. You will need the date of service, the cost and the provider number of the supervising clinician.

For more information please talk to one of our friendly reception team members in the clinic or call 3857 4810